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Rising Rents, Rising Inequality thumbnail

Rising Rents, Rising Inequality

The 2020 rental housing report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies finds that rental markets are not meeting needs of low-income renters.
Evaluation of Investments in Energy Efficiency Through the Window of Opportunity Initiative thumbnail

Evaluation of Investments in Energy Efficiency Through the Window of Opportunity Initiative

The evaluation finds that the focus on energy efficiency within the Window of Opportunity had a positive influence on most of the intermediate outcomes that the Foundation had set out for Window of Opportunity-Energy Efficiency.
Tackling Foreclosure In Chicago thumbnail

Tackling Foreclosure In Chicago

MacArthur’s Foreclosure Prevention and Mitigation Project, a $44 million initiative that included both grants and program-related investments, helped stabilize neighborhoods hard hit by vacancy and foreclosure.
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Preserving Affordable Rental Housing

In 2003, MacArthur launched what eventually became a $187 million strategy to preserve and improve affordable rental homes through the Window of Opportunity initiative. Former Representative Barney Frank had long championed the need to preserve federal ...
Reversing the Damage of Segregation in Chicago thumbnail

Reversing the Damage of Segregation in Chicago

Following a 2017 report on the cost of segregation in Chicago, the Metropolitan Planning Councilhas released 24 recommendations to restore financial equity to residents and neighborhoods most affected by segregation and racism.
  • The Preservation Compact: A Rental Housing Action Plan for Cook County

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  • Three Case Studies for How Housing Matters

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