Our Policies

Code of Conduct

The Foundation expects its Staff and Directors to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards and to help foster a workplace environment that furthers the Foundation’s values. The Foundation's Code of Conduct consists of the policies identified below which set forth the applicable standards and procedures for each Policy. No Policy can address every conceivable professional or ethical situation. Ultimately, therefore, the Foundation relies on the good judgment, integrity, and honesty of its Staff and Directors to ensure it addresses all situations in a legal, ethical, and professional fashion in compliance with the applicable policy and consistent with the Foundation’s values.

To help ensure that the principles, standards and values are upheld, the Policies also contain a wide range of reporting mechanisms that allow Staff to address concerns or issues that may arise free from any fear of retaliation. Although reporting mechanisms may vary slightly depending on the Policy, available reporting options include the following:

  • The Vice President and General Counsel;
  • Managing Director, People and Culture;
  • Any other member of the Leadership Advisory Team;
  • The Chair of the Foundation’s Audit Committee (the current Chair can be found on the Board of Directors page on our website);
  • A designated outside law firm who will follow up with the Vice President and General Counsel or the Chair of the Audit Committee based on its determination of the allegations;
  • An employee may also report the matter anonymously online to EthicsPoint, a third-party service provider, or by phone at 844-773-7421. EthicsPoint will then communicate with the Foundation to the Vice President and General Counsel and the Chair of the Audit Committee so appropriate investigation and action can be taken.

Supervisors who may receive reports or who are aware of any violations also have a responsibility to make a report through one of the avenues above or in the specific policy.

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Professional and Ethical Behavior Right Arrow
Confidentiality Right Arrow
Participation in Campaigns and Other Political Activity Right Arrow
Volunteer Activities Right Arrow
Sexual and Other Harassment Right Arrow
Paid Work Outside the Foundation Right Arrow
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