Mission and Values

What we stand for and how we work.
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Our Mission

We are committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.

The world is more just when actions are inclusive, and fair, where past and present barriers are removed to provide equitable access, treatment, consideration, and opportunity.

The world is more verdant and abundant when the planet and its people flourish.

The world is more peaceful when people are free from fear, conflict, violence, and war.

We work toward justice, because it is essential for peace. And with peace, a verdant world, where the planet and people thrive, is possible.

We believe that the people closest to the ground know best how to respond to the pressing challenges of the communities we seek to serve. Our support is centered on mutual respect, learning, and relationship building. We follow the lead of individuals and organizations rooted in spaces, communities, and experiences, investing in their ideas and giving them space to grow.

We focus resources on promising solutions to pressing challenges and embrace creative thinking to increase the odds of meaningful change.

Our Values

Our values represent a core set of beliefs that guide how our organization conducts itself and builds trust-based relationships with partners and grantees. They guide our decisions, behaviors, and reflect how we seek to serve our communities and work toward our mission.

Values capture what is most important to an organization. MacArthur’s core values are deeply ingrained principles that embody who we are, what we stand for, and how we work.

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Creativity encompasses innovative, imaginative, and ground-breaking ideas, thinking, and strategies as we endeavor to have a meaningful impact on large and complex challenges.

We turn new and imaginative ideas into reality. We recognize, celebrate, and support the creativity of individuals and organizations.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity includes all the ways that people differ, encompassing the characteristics that make people distinct from one another. Equity is the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people while identifying and eliminating barriers that have prevented the full participation of some individuals. Inclusion is the act of creating authentic environments in which all individuals feel welcomed, respected, valued, and feel a sense of belonging.

Through the Just Imperative, we ensure that our decisions and actions are rooted in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by embracing the unique attributes of all individuals; creating a fair playing field for all; and cultivating environments where everyone feels respected, valued, and a sense of belonging.

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Empathy is the ability to sense and understand what someone else might be thinking or feeling. Empathy is central to respectful and compassionate interpersonal interactions.

We recognize emotions in others and understand and acknowledge other people’s perspectives. We act with kindness and caring, which reflects our recognition and understanding.

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Integrity is the act of behaving honorably, even when no one is watching. It is a commitment to sound judgment, honesty, dependability, and accountability.

We are honest and act with strong principles in all we do.

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We provide opportunities to our Staff that acknowledge and develop their unique talents and skills; we embrace and draw lessons from all of our work and the expertise of our Staff, grantees, partners, peers, and communities; and we actively promote sharing knowledge and expertise.

We actively seek new understanding, knowledge, and skills.

Just Imperative

We live our mission through the Just Imperative, which charges us to lead with a commitment to justice.

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