Climate Solutions

Ensuring that the Earth stays well below a two-degree Celsius temperature increase to avoid catastrophic global effects.

Why We Support This Work

We are facing a climate crisis. Globally, we must halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and balance carbon emissions and removal by 2050. We know that inequity is exacerbated when cities overheat, oceans rise, drought consumes crops, and fires rip through communities. This work contributes toward ensuring the human right to a safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is afforded to present and future generations.

What We Are Doing

Our Climate Solutions grantmaking is organized around four general approaches: altering political discourse, advancing and enforcing climate-friendly energy policies and regulatory action, expanding financing and the climate solutions funding community, and supporting power building.

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Representative Grants

Our Work in India

Grantmaking in India primarily supports mitigation interventions that seek sustainable solutions to challenges the country faces from climate change.