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We are committed to sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. We believe it is important to evaluate and reflect regularly, study the findings of research and reports generated with our support, and communicate the results with those in the field and with the public.Read more about our learning philosophy

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Assessing Chicago Public Schools’ Budget Proposal

Chicago Public Schools’ proposed FY2017 budget remains out of balance, relying on uncertain funding and one-time measures in order to close a $1.1 billion operating deficit, according to an analysis by the MacArthur-supported Civic Federation. More

Investigation Finds Spyware Sold to Governments Targets iPhones

A digital arms dealer is believed to have been taking advantage of three security vulnerabilities in popular Apple products in its efforts to spy on dissidents and journalists, according to an investigation by Citizen Lab. More

Improving Outcomes, Quality of Maternal Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile and electronic health initiatives, maternal death reviews, counseling and health education programs, and community mobilization efforts are just a few interventions that effectively improve maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa. More

Finding What Works to Improve Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

Research shows that while a number of interventions can help improve health outcomes in young people, there is no single action or intervention that can broadly meet the needs of all young people across geographies.  More

Report Finds Fast Growth of Women in Jails

The report shows that the number of women in jail in the United States has grown 14-fold since 1970 and continues to rise, even as the number of men in jail has begun to decline. More

Syrian Activists Targeted by Hackers

A report from Citizen Lab, recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, describes a malware operation targeting Syrian activists and links the activity to Iran. More

Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy

Inequality is a choice, not an inevitable byproduct of technology and globalization, according to a report by the Roosevelt Institute, recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. More

A Science-based Approach to Early Childhood Development

A report by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University proposes a research and development platform to catalyze development in early childhood policy and practice, fueled by advances in science and an emphasis on innovation.  More

Progress on Nuclear Disarmament, Nonproliferation Inadequate

A study by the Arms Control Association finds the United States failed to make progress on key nuclear disarmament issues over the last three years, but did achieve important steps on nuclear materials security and strengthening nonproliferation norms. More

Mission Investments Can Catalyze Climate Solutions

A report by the Redstone Strategy Group examines how foundations can use mission investments alongside grant portfolios to accelerate climate solutions.  More