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Voluntary Consensus Standards Can Establish Efficient and Safe Nuclear Operations

The increase of climate change and energy security concerns are resulting in countries looking to nuclear power for electricity needs, according to a study by the Stimson Center. More

Peace Agreement Success Depends on Inclusion of Natural Resources

A study by Forest Trends, recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, suggests that the failure of peace agreements is largely due to the lack of natural resource management. More

Citizen Lab Questions Fitness Tracker Security

Researchers evaluated the type of data fitness trackers generate and determined that several models can expose users to hackers and cybercriminals. More

Study Finds Hope for Amphibians Battling Deadly Fungus

Climate change may make environmental conditions for the deadly chytrid fungus, which is killing amphibians worldwide, unsuitable in some regions and could stave off spread of the disease in African amphibian populations. More

Out-of-State Contributions Boost Gubernatorial Candidates

A study by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions recipient, examines the trending topic of the proliferation and influence of out-of-state donors. More

Assessing Health and Demographics in India

A large part of India has shown substantial improvement in the health of its citizens, according to the first phase of results from the fourth National Family Health Survey.  More

U.S. Illegal Immigrant Population Continues Decline

A report finds that the undocumented immigrant population in the United States has fallen below 11 million, continuing a nearly decade-long decline that has potential to reshape the debate over reforming the nation’s immigration system. More

Migrant Detentions, and Rights Abuses, Increase in Mexico

A report shows that about 168,000 migrants were detained in Mexico from July 2014 to June 2015 – a 73 percent increase from the previous year that has brought with it rising crimes and abuses against migrants. More

China’s Demand for Rosewood Threatens Endangered Old-Growth Forests

The study, and China’s custom data, shows rosewood imports in 2014 have reached an all-time high and have doubled in value. More

Juvenile Justice Reform Takes Root Across States

Every state has implemented developmentally-appropriate juvenile justice reform over the last 15 years, according to a report supported by the MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change initiative. More