Paid Work Outside the Foundation


Generally, opportunities for Staff members to work outside the Foundation for pay will be limited due to their work responsibilities at the Foundation. There may, however, be instances where the acceptance of a paid outside assignment is not in conflict and even may be in furtherance of the Foundation's interests. In these instances, it may be appropriate for an employee to accept such an assignment under the terms of this policy. This policy calls for disclosure of the proposed arrangements, prior approval, and common sense judgment by Staff members based on the principles of this policy.


In General

Foundation Staff may accept paid consulting, teaching, board seats, or other part-time assignments, under the following conditions:

  • Such work is consistent with the interests of the Foundation, does not conflict with the interests of the Foundation or is part of a career development plan of the employee.
  • Ordinarily, such work should not be for an organization that is a current or past Foundation grantee, or is reasonably likely to be under consideration for future Foundation grants. Any exceptions must be approved by the President.
  • Acceptance of such work should not detract from the employee's ability to attend fully to his/her Foundation responsibilities.
  • The assignment is clearly limited in duration and the time of the assignment defined.
  • This policy applies to employees in Level 6 or above of the Foundation's salary plan.


  • All outside paid assignments must be approved in advance by the relevant supervisor and Vice President. In requesting permission, the employee should disclose the organization for which the work will be done, the nature of the task, the expected time the assignment will take and the fee involved. The Vice President should inform the Managing Director, People & Culture and the Vice President and General Counsel of the decision. People & Culture shall keep a master list of all such assignments.
  • If the work is to be done during normal Foundation business hours, such assignment should only be accepted if the employee arranges to take annual leave, leave without pay, or makes arrangements for reduced time.
  • If the assignment changes in any material respect, the employee should notify his/her supervisor and request approval to continue the assignment.
  • Staff members carrying out approved outside assignments should not impose on support Staff so as to interfere with the ability of support Staff to carry out the Foundation's work.
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