Transparency and Information Sharing

We value adaptation, learning, and innovation.

We strive to be transparent and share information about our work, processes, and operations and what we are learning in an accessible and timely manner while respecting privacy and confidentiality needs.

As a private trust for the public good, we believe that information about our grantmaking, evaluation activities, and our operations, should be publicly available in a timely and understandable fashion. We hope this openness informs the work of others, encourages communication that provides new perspectives, enriches public debate, and fosters a better understanding of the Foundation and the issues that are our current priorities. At the same time, we seek to protect relationships of trust with applicants, grantees, and employees, and to preserve zones of confidentiality for planning and deliberations. We balance our desire to make information about our work open and available with the right of privacy and confidentiality.

How and What We Share

We seek to share a wide variety of information about our work, what we are learning, and our processes through multiple means, including our website, social media, press releases and periodic reports, as well as regulatory filings and public statements. The information we make available includes the following:

Grantmaking, Impact Investments, and Evaluation