A competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. Read our strategy and the current status of our work

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Why $100 Million?

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100&Change FAQs

Learn more about the 100&Change competition via answers to several commonly asked questions. Read More
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Inside MacArthur’s Creative Thinking Awards

Cecilia Conrad, managing director of the MacArthur Foundation, hosted a discussion at the Commonwealth Club of California with computer vision technologist Maneesh Agrawala and digital artist Camille Utterback, both MacArthur Fellows. Watch


Portrait of Cecilia A. Conrad

Cecilia A. Conrad

Managing Director
Portrait of Joshua J. Mintz

Joshua J. Mintz

Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Portrait of Kristen J. Molyneaux

Kristen J. Molyneaux

Program Officer
Portrait of Angela Schlater

Angela Schlater

Program Officer
Portrait of Jeff Ubois

Jeff Ubois

Program Officer
Portrait of Laura Young

Laura Young

Program Associate

Mariela Evans

Portrait of Kalle Eko

Kalle Eko

Social Media Associate
Portrait of Gerry Sims

Gerry Sims

Meeting Planner
Portrait of Kristen Mack

Kristen Mack

Communications Officer

Media Contacts

Portrait of Kristen Mack

Kristen Mack

Communications Officer
Portrait of Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon

Managing Director, Communications

Evaluation Contact

Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Program Officer