A competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. Read our strategy and the current status of our work

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Engaging the Community to Reach One Billion with Nutritious Crops thumbnail

Engaging the Community to Reach One Billion with Nutritious Crops

HarvestPlus’ novel idea to fortify staple food crops required input and buy-in from agriculture and health scientists, governments, and most importantly farmers, because biofortification won't grow, literally or figuratively, without them says CEO Bev Postma. Read More
100&Change: A Clarion Call for Arizona State University’s Researchers thumbnail

100&Change: A Clarion Call for Arizona State University’s Researchers

100&Change judge Steven J. Tepper describes how the competition served as the impetus for new teams and partnerships to form at Arizona State University and for existing teams to reimagine how an idea be transformative. Read More
#100andchange Public Engagement thumbnail

#100andchange Public Engagement

As part of their community engagement, the semi-finalists will field questions from the broader public on social media, hear feedback, and engage via platforms like reddit and Facebook. Read More
100&Change Public Engagement Calendar  thumbnail

100&Change Public Engagement Calendar

Each 100&Change organization will field your questions, listen to your feedback, and engage live on digital platforms. Read More

"An End to Orphanages"

The Baltimore Sun
Read More
A Vision for All of Africa thumbnail

A Vision for All of Africa

Leveraging its experience, The Carter Center’s CEO Mary Ann Peters said it is determined to eliminate, not just control, river blindness in Nigeria, as it has done in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Guatemala. Read More


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