A competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. Read our strategy and the current status of our work

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Inspiration for our Work thumbnail

Inspiration for our Work

Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, shares how recently seeing a team of Ethiopian doctors, nurses, and trainees restore sight to nearly 900 blind people reminded him of the Himalayan Cataract Project’s origins. Read More
Changing the Way We Care About Children thumbnail

Changing the Way We Care About Children

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Vice President Shannon Senefeld shares how scaling up its support for children living in institutions, mainly orphanages, was the clear choice for CRS’ 100&Change proposal. Read More
It’s Time to Build the World’s Online Medical System   thumbnail

It’s Time to Build the World’s Online Medical System

Jay Komarneni shares the stories that united the founders of the Human Diagnosis Project, the world’s largest open medical project with thousands of doctors in more than 60 countries. Read More
Growing to Scale with More Nutritious Staple Food Crops thumbnail

Growing to Scale with More Nutritious Staple Food Crops

HarvestPlus is at a tipping point and recognized 100&Change could catalyze the sustainable transformation of nutrition, health, and livelihoods for millions of rural families in Africa. Read More
The Top 200 100&Change Proposals thumbnail

The Top 200 100&Change Proposals

It is our pleasure to unveil the Top 200 proposals, 100&Change submissions that received the highest scores from our evaluation panel. Read More
How All Applicants Benefit  thumbnail

How All Applicants Benefit

What happens to all those great proposals we received that are no longer in the running for a $100 million grant? In some ways, every applicant benefits. Read More


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