Population & Reproductive Health

Working to reduce maternal mortality and improve the quality of maternal and reproductive health care in India, Mexico, and Nigeria. Read our strategy and the current status of our work

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Grantee Research Informs Nigerian National Health Policy thumbnail

Grantee Research Informs Nigerian National Health Policy

The Nigerian Council of Health (NCH), a decision-making body that establishes health service strategies for all levels of governance, rarely receives presentations from non-governmental organizations. Read More
Expanding Efforts to Reduce Postpartum Hemorrhage  thumbnail

Expanding Efforts to Reduce Postpartum Hemorrhage

Pathfinder International, a MacArthur grantee focused on global sexual and reproductive health, has successfully expanded its efforts to reduce postpartum hemorrhage in Nigeria through its Continuum of Care project by procuring needed supplies, equipment, and funding ... Read More
Grantmaking in Nigeria thumbnail

Grantmaking in Nigeria

The MacArthur Foundation’s grantmaking in Nigeria supports reproductive and sexual health, human rights and the rule of law, and girls’ secondary education. Read More
Grantmaking in India thumbnail

Grantmaking in India

This info sheet covers MacArthur’s grantmaking in India which primarily supports programs to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity and advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. Read More

Indian Court Affirms Right to Survival in Childbirth

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh passed a landmark final judgment in a case filed by MacArthur grantee the Socio Legal Information Centre recognizing that a woman's right to survive pregnancy and childbirth is fundamental. Read More

Program to Educate and Empower Young People Expands

The MacArthur-supported OneWorld UK project "Learning about Living" has seen 400,000 queries to its SMS platform and over 110,000 students participate in its eLearning program. Read More

"Saving Lives With Solar Power"

From PBS NewsHour Read More


Portrait of Stephanie Platz

Stephanie Platz

Managing Director, Programs

Erin Sines

Acting Director, Population & Reproductive Health
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Moutushi Sengupta

Director, India Office
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Sharon Bissell Sotelo

Director, Mexico
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Dipa Nag Chowdhury

Deputy Director, India Office
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Kole A. Shettima

Director, Africa Office
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Oladayo (Dayo) Olaide

Deputy Director, Nigeria Office
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Liliane Loya

Program Officer, Mexico
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Gabriela Suarez

Program Administrator
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Laura Young

Program Associate

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