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Public Agenda

New York, New York

Public Agenda was awarded $1,776,500 between 1984 and 2010, including 9 grants in International Peace & Security, Digital Media & Learning, and Policy Research.


2010 • 3 months • Policy Research

To support the design, implementation, and analysis of benchmark survey research to understand the views of policymakers and opinion leaders on the nation's fiscal situation.


2010 • 1 year • Policy Research

To support opinion research and development of a citizen network relating to U.S. fiscal future.


2009 • 3 months • Policy Research

To support the design of research for tracking and evaluating the impact of the U.S. Fiscal Future project and initial design for a citizen network around the U.S. Fiscal Future report.


2000 • 1 year • Digital Media & Learning

To examine public opinion on student standards and the effects of the testing and accountability movement.


1995 • 1 year

To support a study of public attitudes about welfare and poverty, and to desseminate its results.


1994 • 1 year

To support a national survey and focus group discussions about public attitudes toward the teaching of basic values, the public schools, and a number of proposals to improve public education.


1987 • 1 year • International Peace & Security

To support the pre-test of educational video and print materials as part of the public information project on national security and U.S.-Soviet relations.


1986 • 1 year • International Peace & Security

To support the project The Public and the Nation's Nuclear Arms Policy, sponsored in cooperation with Brown University (over two years).


1984 • 1 year • International Peace & Security

To support the research and communications program on nuclear arms and national security (over two years).

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