Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.

Our mission statement puts justice first, as do we. We are guided by the Just Imperative, a framework that lays out the rationale, the mandate, and the charge to lead with a commitment to justice. We aim to live our values and our commitment to justice begins with our staffing and operations. 

We actively seek a diverse staff. We benefit as individuals, and the work is better because of our staff’s diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and lived experiences. We value diversity at all levels, and we continually challenge ourselves to reflect this value in our actions. Diversity includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identify, socio-economic status, experience, ability and disability, age, religion, geography or national origin, ideology, perspective, and more.

Our efforts also go beyond staff diversity. We actively seek to:

  • purchase more goods and services from diverse suppliers;
  • engage a diverse pool of consultants, contractors, and investment managers;
  • elevate the voices of individuals and organizations not always heard in policy and in grantmaking strategies; and
  • ensure that our grantmaking considers and supports a broad diversity of organizations and helps to address historic and structural inequities.


What We’re Doing

Our many activities include:

Broader Recruitment

We have added new recruiting partners, resources, and strategies to help us reach and identify a more diverse pool of candidates for all positions. We conduct significant outreach to ensure that candidates for our summer internships include young people of color, creating a pool of talent for future opportunities in philanthropy.


Staff Training and Policies

Our Code of Conduct obliges all staff to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards. We also require staff to undergo periodic mandatory management, legal, anti-harassment, and racial equity trainings.


Staff Engagement

Our staff are leaders of and participants in various philanthropy affinity groups that reflect the diversity of the Foundation and the sector. We are active in our local communities, as volunteers, teachers, religious leaders, and engaged residents, and the Foundation actively creates and supports opportunities for volunteering and being present in our communities. 


Information Sharing 

In addition to sharing regular updates on our Just Imperative, we post annual information about the composition of our staff and Board to hold ourselves accountable and to encourage others to do the same. The Foundation currently collects and reports on the categories of race and sex for our staff. We are in the process of revising our internal practices and reporting to ensure we are acting consistently with additional demographic questions we are asking of our grantees and to continue our intentional and ongoing efforts of building and fostering a diverse workplace. We will strive to be as transparent as possible with this information while acknowledging that the methodology behind, and reporting of, additional diversity categories is evolving and imperfect.



We are committed to increasing access and participation for people with disabilities at MacArthur events, both at the Foundation and at outside venues. We are also working to ensure that our invitations to such events are more welcoming. We have benchmarked our website against standards for accessibility for people with disabilities, made significant enhancements, and are eager to share what we have learned with our grantees. We have made it easier for visitors to access our historic headquarters building, and we are modifying our emergency preparedness communications and practices to improve our support for tenants and guests with disabilities.

View our accessibility guide for nonprofits:

Inclusive Design: Bring Web Accessibility to Your Nonprofit ›


It Is a Journey

We recognize that this is a high standard, hard work, and a journey that does not end; we will not get it right every time; but what is important is the commitment and consistent efforts to incorporate the Just Imperative into our work and our lives.

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