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Using Digital Media to Extend the Classroom Beyond School

A middle school on Chicago's South Side is using digital media to prepare its young people for a 21st-century workforce. With the help of an innovative program called the Digital Youth Network, students learn the ... Read More
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Re-Imagining Learning in the 21st Century

In 2006, MacArthur launched the digital media and learning initiative to test the notion that public education would have to transform to prepare young people for the complex and connected social, economic, and political demands of ... Read More
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Shayne Evans on Using Digital Media to Engage Students in Learning

Shayne Evans, the principal of a middle school on Chicago's South Side, talks about how his school is using digital media to engage young people in learning. Read More
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Nichole Pinkard on the Digital Youth Network

Nichole Pinkard talks about the innovative after-school program she launched on Chicagos South Side to engage low-income students in the production of and participation with digital media. Called the Digital Youth Network, it is now provides ... Read More
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About Quest to Learn

Katie Salen discusses Quest to Learn, the nation's first public school based on the principles of game design. Based in New York City, it is testing a new approach to teaching and learning that could ... Read More

Inspire a New Generation of Game Experiences for Children

MacArthur Director of Education Connie Yowell advocates a new MacArthur contest to draw out edgy, gripping 21st century gaming experiences that leverage the incredible popularity and learning potential of games. Read More
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Rethinking Traditional Learning Institutions in the Digital Age

Over the past two decades, the way we learn has changed dramatically. We have new sources of information and new ways to exchange and to interact with information Read More

UNCF Launches Digital Media and Learning Public Forum Series

MacArthur awarded $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund in support of the "UNCF Digital Media and Learning in Multicultural Contexts Public Forum Series." Read More

Can You Tell Me How to Get To Science Street?

The Huffington Post
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Video Games and Participatory Culture

All Things Considered
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Angrezi, the Phoney Way

Times of India
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New Personal Story: Bryan Alexander: Mobile Learning, Equity, and the Future of Education
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Bryan Alexander: Mobile Learning, Equity, and the Future of Education
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Using Paper and Electronics to Support Multiple Literacies and Creative Learning
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