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"The Most Talked-About Philosopher"

The New York Times
Richard Rorty , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Science: Can Bacteria Direct Their Own Evolution?"

New Scientist
John Cairns , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Blindness and Eye Disease in Kenya"

British Journal of Ophthalmology
Randolph Whitfield Jr. , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"Authors Interview: Richard Critchfield"

Richard Critchfield , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Cultures in Conflict: M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s"

The New York Times
Richard Mulligan , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"May Swenson, a Humorous Poet Of Cerebral Verse, Is Dead at 76"

The New York Times
May Swenson , 1987 MacArthur Fellow

"Robert Penn Warren, Poet and Author, Dies"

The New York Times
Robert Penn Warren , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Soviet Society in Transition"

Seweryn Bialer , 1983 MacArthur Fellow

"Obituary: Muriel Snowden, 72, Pioneer in Integration"

The New York Times
Muriel S. Snowden , 1987 MacArthur Fellow

"The Origin of Mutants"

John Cairns , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Elma Lewis on Roxbury Improvement"

Elma Lewis , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Medieval History Scholar: Caltech Historian John F. Benton"

Los Angeles Times
John Benton , 1985 MacArthur Fellow

"Obituary: Adrian Wilson, 64, a Printing Teacher and Book Designer"

The New York Times
Adrian Wilson , 1983 MacArthur Fellow

"Opening an Inquiry that Elicits Creative Thinking"

Ideas in Conversation
Stephen Jay Gould , 1981 MacArthur Fellow


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Cecilia A. Conrad

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Research Associate

Diane Mitchell


David Baxter

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Andrew Solomon

Managing Director, Communications
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Maurice Samuels

Senior Evaluation Officer
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