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"The Summoning"

Foreign Affairs
Fouad Ajami , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"Casualties of Oxford"

The New Yorker
Ved Mehta , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"Beaumont Newhall, a Historian Of Photography, Is Dead at 84"

The New York Times
Beaumont Newhall , 1984 MacArthur Fellow

"Ralph Manheim, 85, Translator Of Major Works to English, Dies"

The New York Times
Ralph Manheim , 1983 MacArthur Fellow

"Obituary: Judith N. Shklar, 63, Professor at Harvard"

The New York Times
Judith N. Shklar , 1984 MacArthur Fellow

"Judith Shklar, Professor And Noted Theorist, Dies"

The Harvard Crimson
Judith N. Shklar , 1984 MacArthur Fellow

"Dr. Barbara McClintock, 90, Gene Research Pioneer, Dies"

The New York Times
Barbara McClintock , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"A Mayor and Town Rise Jointly"

The New York Times
Unita Blackwell , 1992 MacArthur Fellow

"Classical View; In the Fracas Over a Prize, No One Won"

The New York Times
Ralph Shapey , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"The Mountains of Pi"

The New Yorker
Gregory V. Chudnovsky , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"`Discovering` America"

Chicago Tribune
Alfonso Ortiz , 1982 MacArthur Fellow


Portrait of Cecilia A. Conrad

Cecilia A. Conrad

Managing Director, MacArthur Fellows and 100&Change

Jay Goodwin

Senior Program Officer

Christina Lovely

Senior Program Officer

Krista L. Pospisil

Senior Program Officer

Laura E. Scholl

Senior Program Officer

Don Meyer

Program Officer

Eloise E. Daniels


Kelsey Ganser

Research Associate

Diane Mitchell


David Baxter

Portrait of Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon

Managing Director, Communications
Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Senior Evaluation Officer
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