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"Gideon’s Promise Comes to UM Law School"

Daily Journal
Jonathan Rapping, 2014 MacArthur Fellow
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Inside MacArthur’s Creative Thinking Awards

Cecilia Conrad, managing director of the MacArthur Foundation, hosted a discussion at the Commonwealth Club of California with computer vision technologist Maneesh Agrawala and digital artist Camille Utterback, both MacArthur Fellows. Read More
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"Brief But Spectacular: Lynsey Addario"

PBS NewsHour
Lynsey Addario, 2009 MacArthur Fellow
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"Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad"

The Wall Street Journal
Colson Whitehead , 2002 MacArthur Fellow
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"Flint Is Family"

LaToya Ruby Frazier, 2015 MacArthur Fellow
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"The "Better" Bet"

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Atul Gawande , 2006 MacArthur Fellow
Related Grantee: Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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