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Long-Form Journalist Sarah Stillman | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Sarah Stillman is a long-form journalist providing new and compelling perspectives on social injustices in stories of people usually invisible to mainstream reporting. Read More
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Meet the 2016 MacArthur Fellows

Introducing the 2016 MacArthur Fellows, 23 creative people who inspire us all. Read More
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Microbiologist Dianne Newman | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Dianne Newman is a microbiologist merging methods and approaches from disparate fields to investigate the co-evolution of bacteria and their environments, from the ancient Earth to the human body. Read More
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Physical Biologist and Inventor Manu Prakash | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Manu Prakash is a physical biologist applying his expertise in soft-matter physics to illuminate often easy to observe but hard to explain phenomena in biological and physical contexts and to invent solutions to difficult problems in ... Read More
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Playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is a playwright drawing from a range of contemporary and historical theatrical genres to engage frankly with complicated issues around identity, family, class, and race. Read More
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Poet Claudia Rankine | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Claudia Rankine is a poet illuminating the emotional and psychic tensions that mark the experiences of many living in twenty-first-century America. Read More
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Sculptor Vincent Fecteau | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Vincent Fecteau is a sculptor whose deceptively intricate, abstract pieces provoke thoughtful reflection as their challenging forms make the viewer aware of the act of perception. Read More
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Synthetic Chemist Jin-Quan Yu | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Jin-Quan Yu is a synthetic chemist pioneering new techniques for the functionalization of carbon-hydrogen (C–H) bonds. Read More
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Theater Artist and Educator Anne Basting | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Anne Basting is a theater artist and educator demonstrating the potential of storytelling and creative expression to improve the lives of elders experiencing cognitive impairment. Read More
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Theoretical Computer Scientist Subhash Khot | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Subhash Khot is a theoretical computer scientist whose work is providing critical insight into unresolved problems in the field of computational complexity. Read More
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Video Artist Mary Reid Kelley | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Mary Reid Kelley is a video artist whose unique vision spans a variety of media and culminates in arresting, playful, and erudite videos that explore the condition of women throughout history. Read More
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Writer Maggie Nelson | 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Maggie Nelson is a writer forging a new mode of nonfiction that transcends the divide between the personal and the intellectual. Read More
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Jason Moran and George E. Lewis at the Kennedy Center

Composer, performer, and music theorist George E. Lewis joins Kennedy Center Artistic Director for Jazz Jason Moran, both MacArthur Fellows, in a special performance. Read More
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Jason Moran with Jessie "Little Doe" Baird at the Kennedy Center

Linguist and indigenous language preservationist Jessie Little Doe Baird joins Artistic Director for Jazz Jason Moran, both MacArthur Fellows, in a special performance. Read More
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Poetry Off the Shelf: Ellen Bryant Voigt

Join poet and MacArthur Fellow, Ellen Bryant Voigt as she reads a selection of poems that traverse the worlds of motherhood, the rural South, family, and music. Read More


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