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"Pollution in India Could Reshape Monsoons" thumbnail

"Pollution in India Could Reshape Monsoons"

The Atlantic
Sunil Amrith, 2017 MacArthur Fellow

"Seweryn Bialer, 92, Defector and Soviet Union Scholar, Dies"

The New York Times
Seweryn Bialer , 1983 MacArthur Fellow

"Sandra Cisneros"

Chicago Magazine
Sandra Cisneros , 1995 MacArthur Fellow
"Learning From Competition" thumbnail

"Learning From Competition"

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Rebecca Richards-Kortum, 2016 MacArthur Fellow
Related Grantee: Rice 360° Institute for Global Health

"Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Reveals Seth Is Kevin Bacon's Cousin"

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Henry Louis Gates Jr. , 1981 MacArthur Fellow
"How Termite Mounds Get Their Shape" thumbnail

"How Termite Mounds Get Their Shape"

Harvard University
L. Mahadevan, 2009 MacArthur Fellow


Portrait of Cecilia A. Conrad

Cecilia A. Conrad

Managing Director, 100&Change, MacArthur Fellows, and the MacArthur Awards for Creative and Effective Institutions

Marlies A. Carruth

Program Director

Jay Goodwin

Senior Program Officer

Christina Lovely

Senior Program Officer

Krista L. Pospisil

Senior Program Officer

Laura E. Scholl

Senior Program Officer

Don Meyer

Program Officer

Maureen P. Atwell

Program Associate

Eloise E. Daniels

Program Coordinator

Kelsey Ganser

Research Associate

Diane Mitchell

Program Coordinator

David Baxter

Portrait of Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon

Managing Director, Communications
Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Senior Evaluation Officer
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