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Maggie Nelson, Writer

Class of 2016

MacArthur Fellows Discuss Their Work on reddit

In an ongoing series of online question-and-answer sessions, MacArthur Fellows have discussed their work via “ask me anything” (AMAs) sessions on reddit. Read More

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"Leszek Kolakowski, Polish Philosopher, Dies at 81"

The New York Times
Leszek Kolakowski , 1983 MacArthur Fellow
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"Bengali Musician Ali Akbar Khan Dies at 87"

The Washington Post
Ali Akbar Khan , 1991 MacArthur Fellow
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Dedication of the Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Conversation Room, Remarks by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

MacArthur Fellow & former Foundation Trustee Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot spoke at the dedication of her namesake room at MacArthur's headquarters in the Marquette building. Read More


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