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MacArthur Awards $5.5 Million to Support Conservation Policy Research and Analysis

MacArthur's 25-year support of conservation efforts around the world continues with three grants for global policy research and analysis projects to help inform and respond to increased pressures from development and climate change. Read More
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Conservation Strategy Fund, 2012 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions

Conservation Strategy Fund, a recipient of the 2012 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, trains local environmental leaders to use conservation economics to protect nature and encourage sustainable development. Read More

Carnegie Airborne Observatory Keeps Tabs on Amazon's Ecosystem

Using a spectrometer and a small plane that bounces lasers off the jungle floor 400,000 times per second, researchers have shed light on both the incredible diversity and increased deforestation in the Peruvian rainforest. Read More

Mekong Governments Delay Xayaburi Dam

International Rivers and other MacArthur-supported groups provided research on the potential environmental risks posed by hydropower dams in the region. Read More

Research to Aid in Caribbean Reef Restoration

A 14-year, MacArthur-supported study in Belize has found that fishing closures produce encouraging increases in populations of predatory fish species but only a minimal increase in herbivorous fish. Read More

The Big Idea: Saving Forests

From National Geographic Read More

The Amazon Dieback Scenario

From the New York Times Read More
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"Shipibo... the Movie of our Memories" Trailer

In this MacArthur-supported film by the Field Museum, "Shipibo...the Movie of our Memories," the Native Communities of the Shipibo in southern Peru discuss anthropologist Harry Tschopik Jr.'s 1953 film on the Shipibo people, Men ... Read More
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MacArthur's Jorgen Thomsen on Addressing Environmental Challenges of 21st Century

MacArthur Director of conservation and Sustainable Development Jorgen Thomsen discusses the importance of strong, diverse, and thriving ecosystems. Read More

Foundations Unite to Protect the Amazonian Rainforest

MacArthur hosted the Funders of the Amazon Basin, a group composed of six foundations working to address increasing rainforest degradation in the Amazon. Read More

Himalayan Nations Sign Adaptation Declaration at Climate Summit

The governments of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan signed a regional climate change adaptation declaration at the MacArthur-supported Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas in Bhutan. Read More


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