Criminal Justice

Working to address over-incarceration and racial and ethnic disparities by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails.


Through the Safety and Justice Challenge, we will engage in a long-term strategy of investment in local reform, research, experimentation, and communications intended to increase national demand for local justice reform.

What We Fund

The Challenge supports communities across the country working to safely reduce jail populations and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. We currently are funding a set of cities and counties to design and implement plans for creating fairer, more just, and more equitable local justice systems using innovative, collaborative, and evidence-based solutions. We also provide funding to a variety of organizations that provide support and technical assistance to the cities and counties participating in the Safety and Justice Challenge.

We complement our funding of cities and counties with investments in research and data analysis to explore the use of jails in America and to document the experience of communities that succeed in building safer, more efficient, and more just criminal justice systems. We also support national professional and policy organizations to mobilize specific system actors and constituencies, and we invest in organizations dedicated to communicating about the need for reform and changing the narrative around jails.

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We are not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time. However, contact us to share new ideas and perspectives.