Our Goal

100&Change is a MacArthur Foundation competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. We will consider proposals from any field or problem area.  

Our Approach

Some problems cannot be solved by grants of the size that foundations typically provide. By funding at a level far above what is typical in philanthropy, we can address problems and support solutions that are radically different in scale, scope, and complexity. $100 million is a large enough sum to focus on a serious problem and its solution in a meaningful and lasting way. We hope that 100&Change can inspire a conversation about solutions and about how we can solve some of our most significant problems.

The openness of the 100&Change competition is a counterbalance to the Foundation’s big bets that strive for transformational impact in areas identified by the Foundation’s board and staff. We recognize that we do not know it all and have designed 100&Change to be agnostic with respect to field or problem area.

We are seeking proposals that articulate both a problem and its solution. Competitive proposals will address a meaningful problem and provide a solution that is verifiable, durable, and feasible.

The Selection Process

We have designed a selection process that is fair, open, and transparent. In the first round, evaluation panels of external judges will review and score proposals using a common rubric. Based on those reviews, up to ten semifinalists will be asked to provide further details about their proposals and to show engagement with targeted communities. The semifinalists will also receive technical assistance from an expert team who will assess and advise plans for implementation of the proposed solution. From this group, a smaller number of finalists will be selected. These finalists will present their solutions at a live event in 2017. Selection of the final award recipient rests with MacArthur’s Board of Directors.

Measurement and Evaluation for Learning

Our measurement and evaluation of the grant will be determined after the selection process is completed. The recipient of the 100&Change grant will be asked to identify specific milestones to assess progress toward the implementation of the proposed solution and whether solution is having the anticipated impact. 


Portrait of Cecilia A. Conrad

Cecilia A. Conrad

Managing Director
Portrait of Joshua J. Mintz

Joshua J. Mintz

Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Portrait of Kristen J. Molyneaux

Kristen J. Molyneaux

Program Officer, 100&Change
Portrait of Angela Schlater

Angela Schlater

Program Officer, Nuclear Challenges
Portrait of Jeff Ubois

Jeff Ubois

Program Officer, 100&Change
Portrait of Laura Young

Laura Young

Program Associate

Mariela Evans

Coordinator, MacArthur Fellows
Portrait of Kalle Eko

Kalle Eko

Social Media Associate
Portrait of Gerry Sims

Gerry Sims

Meeting Planner

Media Contact

Portrait of Kristen Mack

Kristen Mack

Communications Officer

Evaluation Contact

Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Program Officer