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Kalle Eko
Former Digital Communications Associate

The 100&Change competition required all proposals to include a 90-second video detailing the problem to be addressed, the meaningful impact to be achieved, and how success will be measured. The videos submitted are as diverse as the 1,904 proposals they describe. Some are professional; others are homespun. Some videos tug at your heartstrings; others make thoughtful appeals. The videos feature children and adults, as well as cities in the U.S. and rural areas across the globe. Most are posted to the web and accessible via YouTube. Try searching for “100 and Change” or on Twitter use the hashtag #100andchange.

Here is a small selection of the competition videos to help you get started. Note that my list below does not indicate any kind of Foundation endorsement of these proposals. Which videos excite or interest you? In your opinion, which highlight the most critical problems and might be the most impactful solutions?

Share your thoughts with us on social media using the hashtag #100andchange.


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University of Michigan Energy Institute