Program Directors Reflect on Creating a More Equitable Future

February 1, 2021 Article

Our Program Directors reflect on their programs, grantees, and partners’ impact as they meet the moment and work to create a more equitable future.


Tara Magner

Chicago Commitment

Taking a Stronger Stance on Racial Justice ›

Tara Magner, Director, Chicago Commitment, reflects on listening to and learning from communities and critics.



Jorgen Thomsen

Climate Solutions

Emphasizing Climate and Equity in a COVID-19 Recovery ›

Jorgen Thomsen, Director, Climate Solutions, discusses the new focus on ambitious domestic climate goals centered on equitable outcomes.


Laurie Garduque

Criminal Justice

Engaging Community Members in Criminal Justice Reform ›

Laurie Garduque, Director, Criminal Justice, shares four key lessons about equity and impact from community engagement conversations with advocates and people with lived experience in the criminal justice system.



John Balbach

Impact Investments

Laying the Groundwork to Respond to Crisis ›

John Balbach, Director, Impact Investments, reflects on the years of groundwork and preparation that enabled the impact investing field to rapidly respond to crisis.



Kathy Im

Journalism and Media

Ambassadors for Truth and Equality ›

Kathy Im, Director, Journalism & Media, reflects on journalism and media organizations’ role in challenging racism, inequity, and abuse of power.



Marlies Carruth

MacArthur Fellows

The Collaborative Work of Genius ›

Marlies Carruth, Director, MacArthur Fellows, reflects on the ways collaboration and communities inspire individual creativity and can help us all build a better future.



Valerie Chang Theo Kalionzes Angela Schlater

Nuclear Challenges

Impactful Grantees and the Right Political Conditions ›

Valerie Chang, Managing Director of Programs, Theo Kalionzes and Angela Schlater, Senior Program Officers, Nuclear Challenges, reflect on the deep impact of grantees and the effects of the political landscape on strategic goals.  



Kole Shettima and Erin Sines

On Nigeria

Responding Quickly to a Challenging Year in Nigeria ›

Kole Shettima and Erin Sines, Co-Directors, On Nigeria, reflect on grantees work to respond to the pandemic and support people-led social justice movements, while they continued to challenge corruption.



Eric Sears

Technology in the Public Interest

Identifying Injustice, Inequity Perpetuated by New Tech ›

Eric Sears, Associate Director, Technology in the Public Interest, reflects on work to address and prevent the inequities and harms often built into new technologies.