Criminal Justice Grantmaking Guidelines


Through the Safety and Justice Challenge, MacArthur will engage in a long-term strategy of investment in local reform, research, experimentation, and communications intended to create national demand for local justice reform as a means of reducing over-incarceration in America.

The Challenge is supporting jurisdictions across the country working to safely reduce over-reliance on jails, with a particular focus on addressing disproportionate impact on low-income individuals and communities of color. Central to the initiative is a competition through which the Foundation is funding 20 jurisdictions to design and implement plans for creating fairer, more effective local justice systems using innovative, collaborative, and evidence-based solutions, and another 20 jurisdictions to support a single innovative justice reform program or project. The Foundation plans to create new opportunities – open to jurisdictions across the country – for funding to support training, technical assistance, and promising local innovations that seek to reduce the misuse and overuse of jails.

Many of the nation's leading criminal justice organizations provide technical assistance, data analysis, and other support to Safety and Justice Challenge jurisdictions, including the Center for Court Innovation, the Institute for State and Local Governance at the City University of New York, the Justice Management Institute, Justice System Partners, the Pretrial Justice Institute, the Vera Institute of Justice, Policy Research, Inc., and the W. Haywood Burns Institute.

The Foundation will complement its funding of jurisdictions with investments in research and data analytics to explore the use of jail in America and to document the experience of local jurisdictions that succeed in building safer, more efficient, and more just criminal justice systems.

Unsolicited proposals for funding in any of these categories are not currently being accepted.


Updated October 2017