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Washington Office on Latin America

Washington, D.C.

Washington Office on Latin America was awarded $1,868,192 between 1992 and 2018, including 16 grants in Human Rights, International Peace & Security, Conservation & Sustainable Development, and Migration.


2018 • 1 year, 4 months • Human Rights

The Washington Office on Latin America promotes human rights and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. This award supports activities to provide information to decision-makers in the United States and Mexico about the importance of an independent and effective National Prosecutor’s Office for reducing impunity in Mexico’s justice system. It supports conferences and meetings with government officials, and the publication of analysis and media commentary for a targeted audience, including opinion leaders, specialized journalists, and international organizations interested in justice issues in Mexico.


2017 • 1 month

The Washington Office for Latin America –WOLA- is a leading research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. The award’s goal is to educate U.S. policymakers and a broader public in Washington, D.C. about the importance of the creation of Mexico’s new National Prosecutor’s Office or Fiscalía General de la Nación, and the need to ensure its independence.


2016 • 1 year, 6 months • Human Rights

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) promotes human rights and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. This award supports improvements in investigations of human rights violations in Mexico through advocacy, research and analysis. In collaboration with Mexican organizations, WOLA develops policy proposals and helps ensure that human rights issues remain on the U.S.-Mexico agenda.


2014 • 3 years, 3 months • Human Rights

This grant will strengthen WOLA’s partnerships with Mexican human rights organizations to advocate for increased government accountability and respect for human rights in Mexico. It will also contribute to ensuring that human rights remain an essential part of the U.S.-Mexico bilateral agenda, and to improving access to justice for migrants in transit through Mexico.


2012 • 1 year • Human Rights

The Washington Office on Latin America, a U.S. policy advocacy organization with a focus on Mexico and other Latin American countries, will convene a meeting in Mexico with civil society groups to discuss institutional corruption linked to organized crime and violations of human rights. The meeting will help to strengthen the relationship between justice system reform in Mexico and accountability in these situations.


2011 • 3 years, 2 months • Human Rights

To improve the quality of U.S. assistance to Mexico (over three years).


2010 • 7 months • Migration

To promote bilateral U.S.-Mexico dialogue on the connection between migration and development.


2003 • 3 years, 11 months • Conservation & Sustainable Development

To improve understanding among policy makers in the U.S., Colombia, and Ecuador about the impact on tropical biodiversity caused by aerial eradication of illegal crops in the Andes region (over two years).


2000 • 1 year

To improve public security in Latin America.


1999 • 1 year

To monitor the Inter-American Development Bank's reconstruction efforts in response to the damage caused by Hurricane Mitch.

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