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  • $150,000

    2015 (Duration 2 years, 6 months)

    Human Rights

    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — The Stanford Cyber Initiative is an interdisciplinary academic center, drawing on Stanford University’s strengths in computer science, law, public policy, and other relevant disciplines. The award supports the creation of an Intergovernmental Personnel Act mobility program fellow within the Cyber Initiative that will provide guidance within the federal government on three key policy areas related to free expression and privacy: 1) federal debates about whether the government should mandate access to plaintext versions of encrypted information; 2) ongoing reforms related to U.S. government surveillance activities; and, 3) reforming federal policies that are hostile towards digital security research.

  • $275,000

    2012 (Inactive Grant)

    Digital Media & Learning

    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — Stanford University’s School of Education focuses on shaping educational practices, their conceptual underpinnings, and the teaching and learning professions. Professor Roy Pea conducts research on how innovations in computing and communications technologies and related educational practices influence learning, thinking, and educational systems. In collaboration with the Gates Foundation, he will use this grant to develop a set of planning activities to help build a new field of learning analytics and educational data-mining, and, ultimately, create the infrastructure--tools, practices and a cadre of experts--to capture, derive meaning from, and use the extensive educational data generated by learners using digital learning tools.

  • $600,000

    2010 (Inactive Grant)

    Digital Media & Learning

    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To develop a digital assessment system for learning (over two years).

  • $200,000

    2007 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — For the Digital Vision Program to support the development and testing of Frontline SMS, an application that allows nonprofit organizations in developing countries to manage mobile phone text messaging.

  • $200,000

    2002 (Inactive Grant)

    Digital Media & Learning

    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To support a book and conference for the Research Network on Teaching and Learning.

  • $509,000

    1995 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To develop a research network: The Human Side of Economic Analysis: Economic Environments and the Formation of Preferences and Social Norms.

  • $180,000

    1993 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To support research on the biology of parasitic diseases

  • $240,000

    1992 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To support participation in the Consortium on the Biology of Parasitic Diseases.

  • $300,000

    1991 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — To support participation in the Consortium on the Biology of Parasitic Diseases.

  • $25,000

    1991 (Inactive Grant)


    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — For research on the effect of psychological interventions on health.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Stanford University $2,679,000 between 1978 and 2018.

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