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Peking University Center for Nature and Society

Beijing, China

Peking University Center for Nature and Society was awarded $670,000 between 2009 and 2013, including 2 grants in Conservation & Sustainable Development.


2013 • 3 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

Peking University’s (PKU) Center for Nature and Society (CNS) is among the most respected natural science and applied conservation research institutions in China. A MacArthur grants catalyzed the creation of PKU-CNS in 2010, and this investment has been critical in laying the groundwork for the Greater Mekong strategy in China. Under the grant, PKU-CNS will emphasize refining the baseline data for each category of the CSD state-pressure-response-benefits assessment framework. This grant, along with a grant to Kunming Institute of Botany, was developed in collaboration with NatureServe (our global partner in creating the “dashboard assessment” system and a recommended MACEI recipient). The purpose of the complementary grants is to identify and track indicators relevant to the Upper Mekong to refine and supplement the existing dashboard indicators.


2009 • 2 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

To support the Center for Nature and Society (over two years).

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