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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Grants to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • $70,000

    2010 (Inactive Grant)

    Digital Media & Learning

    PARIS, FRANCE — To support the Connected Minds report, an international comparative analysis of student experience with digital media.

  • $200,000

    2009 (Inactive Grant)


    PARIS, FRANCE — To develop the first phase of a harmonized labor force and migration database based on labor force surveys from OECD countries.

  • $900,000

    2007 (Inactive Grant)


    PARIS, FRANCE — In support of policy relevant research and policy dialogue to build effective partnerships on migration governance and development (over three years).

  • $25,000

    1999 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    PARIS, FRANCE — To support a conference on corruption in developing and emerging economies.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development $1,195,000 between 1978 and 2017.

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