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New Venture Fund was awarded $29,470,000 between 2011 and 2020, including 34 grants in Human Rights, Technology in the Public Interest, Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries, Nuclear Challenges, Housing, Digital Media & Learning, Journalism & Media, Equitable Recovery, Impact Investments, Climate Solutions, and What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance.


2020 • 1 year • Equitable Recovery

The award supports the Disinfo Defense League (DDL), a program of Media Democracy Fund, which is a fiscally sponsored project of New Venture Fund. DDL is a rapid response network designed to disrupt and dismantle manipulation and disinformation efforts targeting Black, Afro Latinx, and Latinx communities. DDL works to fight voter suppression during the 2020 U.S. election cycle and help stop racialized disinformation in other key areas including the COVID-19 pandemic, the global uprising against anti-Black racism and police violence. It works across geography, generation, and gender to equip communities with the tools, training, and tactics needed to combat racialized disinformation and win.


2020 • 4 years • Impact Investments

New Venture Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that acts as a fiscal sponsor, helping funder collaboratives and others launch new social change projects. This grant will contribute to a $9.725 million pooled grant fund at New Venture Fund that will do regranting that advances the work of the Catalytic Capital Consortium, an investment, learning, and market development initiative of the MacArthur Foundation and its strategic partners, The Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network, each of which also is contributing to the grant pool. The initiative aims to create a positive impact on people and the planet by spurring greater use of catalytic capital globally, as well as by encouraging conventional investors to make investments in tandem with catalytic capital. Grants funded through the pool will seek to increase the knowledge, awareness and use of catalytic capital among diverse investor groups, including foundations, high net worth individuals and families and donor governments, as well as development finance institutions and conventional investors. The grant supports the goals of the Catalytic Capital Consortium by providing funds for regranting as well as operational expenses, including contributions towards the hiring of a program officer to implement the project.


2020 • 1 year

New Venture Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that serves as a fiscal sponsor, specializing in helping funder collaboratives and others launch new social change projects. With the 2020 U.S. Census facing numerous challenges, foundation leaders came together in 2015 as the Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup to develop a strategy to ensure a comprehensive count. The Subgroup created the 2020 Census Project, housed at New Venture Fund, which aims to achieve a full and accurate count of the U.S. population by focusing on three primary goals: 1) Advocating for policy improvements to the American Community Survey and census to ensure adequate federal funding and sound decision making by the federal government; 2) Supporting outreach and public education to improve response rates for the 2020 census, particularly among undercounted populations; 3) Encouraging new players to help with the policy and Get Out The Count efforts, including funders, faith-based groups, businesses and state and local government. MacArthur funds provide flexible support for the 2020 Census Project. 


2020 • 2 years • Nuclear Challenges

New Venture Fund (NVF) conducts public interest projects and provides professional insight and support to institutions and individuals seeking to foster change through strategic philanthropy. This award supports NVF's project N Square, which is designed to activate novel ideas for reducing nuclear threat. N Square helps nuclear specialists solve problems in new ways while introducing new allies to the complexities of the issue.


2020 • 2 years • Technology in the Public Interest

A project of New Venture Fund, the Algorithmic Justice League is focused on conducting rigorous academic research on algorithmic bias that can lead to harmful discrimination; evidence-based advocacy focused on the artificial intelligence industry and government policymakers; and, producing art and creative science communication pieces to inform the general public on the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence. Through this work, the Algorithmic Justice League seeks to advance transparency and accountability in the development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence related technologies and help ensure that marginalized communities most at risk to be harmed by these technologies are agents of change. The award provides flexible support to the organization.


2020 • 2 months • Journalism & Media

IllumiNative, housed at New Venture Fund, is a storytelling and narrative change effort designed to amplify the voices of Native Americans, challenge negative and inaccurate stereotypes about them, and bring visibility to the important contributions Native peoples make to American democracy. This grant supports a virtual event that brings together Native and non-Native artists and influencers to develop high-quality content that takes advantage of the reach of celebrity to increase participation in the Census in hard-to-count Native country. IllumiNative is partnering with the non-profit narrative change organization HARNESS to run virtual salon and workshop and assist with the production and dissemination of content in Native communities.


2019 • 3 years

New Venture Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) that acts as a fiscal sponsor, specializing in helping funder collaboratives and others launch new social change projects. This grant supports New Venture Fund's Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund (Equity Fund), which supports organizations that work to connect local concerns about the health, environmental, and economic well-being of communities to climate change. By investing mostly in local and state-based organizations that represent communities of color, indigenous peoples, young voters, and working families, the Equity Fund seeks to build a strong base of support for climate policy solutions in communities significantly affected by the consequences of climate change. The award helps these organizations build their capacity to engage effectively in advocacy on climate and clean energy policy initiatives. 


2019 • 1 year

A project of New Venture Fund, Digital Action is a new global organization that works to strengthen democratic and digital rights as technology evolves. Flexible support is being provided to the organization as it develops and tests new models of global collaboration among civil society organizations to challenge problematic technology products and business practices through a mix of rapid response and longer-term campaigns.


2019 • 3 years

A project of New Venture Fund, Dangerous Speech Project (DSP) was founded in 2010 to develop, and make constructive use of, the observation that certain strikingly similar kinds of rhetoric precede mass violence in diverse cases, and that this knowledge might be used to prevent such violence. DSP has since developed methods that are used around the world to identify and counteract rhetoric that can inspire violence and hatred, while also protecting freedom of expression. The award provides flexible support to DSP as it undertakes research, analysis and convenings seeking to understand dangerous speech and hatred occurring on social media platforms. Through this work, technology companies, government policymakers, academics and advocates will have a better understanding about what is required to effectively diminish hatred online, while not having a chilling impact on free speech.


2019 • 2 years

A project of New Venture Fund, Media Democracy Fund (MDF) is a catalyst for an open, secure and equitable internet. It brings together diverse voices to design inclusive and responsible solutions that empower public interest advocates to create an environment where digital technologies and the internet have a long-term, positive impact on society. The award supports the role MDF plays in coordinating the activities of the NetGain Partnership, a funder collaboration that seeks to strengthen digital society and advance the public interest. Each year, a new NetGain Challenge is launched in which funding partners focus on a topic at the broad intersection of technology and the public interest in order to increase knowledge and collaboration in the space. Activities undertaken through each NetGain Challenge include a mix of expert convenings, public events, published research and grantmaking.

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