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Transparency International

Berlin, Germany

Transparency International was awarded $1,035,000 between 1998 and 2018, including 4 grants in Conservation & Sustainable Development.


2018 • 3 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

Transparency International is a non-partisan, international association with over 100 national chapters working to combat all forms of corruption via actions to prevent corruption, mobilize citizens, and advocate with public authorities. This award, managed by Transparency International, supports the activities of Transparency International Initiative Madagascar (TI-IM), and compliments the efforts of Blue Ventures (BV) to ensure the sustainability of fisheries currently threatened by illegal activities. The project's objectives include researching the mechanisms at work in illegal fishing in the locations where BV operates and working to achieve political changes that would significantly reduce illegal and unsustainable marine resource use.


2001 • 3 years

To support the Programme on Global Corruption Measures (over three years).


1998 • 3 years

To support survey methodology improvements for the Corruption Perception Index (over three years).


1998 • 4 years

To strengthen the African national chapter network (over two years).

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