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Karuna Trust

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  • $215,000

    2014 (Inactive Grant)

    Population & Reproductive Health

    BANGALORE, INDIA — Primary healthcare has been most neglected area in public healthcare delivery system in India and poor quality of services results in unsatisfactory reproductive, maternal, and newborn health outcomes. With previous MacArthur support, Karuna Trust - a NGO based in Bangalore has partnered with seven state governments through a model of Public-Private-Partnership to enable 86 primary health centers (PHCs) operating in remote, rural areas to provide antenatal, delivery, and essential obstetric services. However, the quality of care still requires substantial improvement. The grant works with 60 PHCs in four states with high delivery caseloads to improve quality of care standards through provider training, strengthening management systems, and the application of mHealth and telemedicine solutions.

  • $400,000

    2009 (Inactive Grant)

    Population & Reproductive Health

    BANGALORE, INDIA — To scale up a public-private partnership model of delivering maternal and reproductive health services in India (over three years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Karuna Trust $615,000 between 1978 and 2018.