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Chicago Public Media

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Public Media was awarded $5,320,000 between 1982 and 2018, including 21 grants in Chicago Commitment and Journalism & Media.


2018 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

Chicago Public Media (CPM) is a nonprofit that operates WBEZ (Chicago's public radio station) and Vocalo, an alternative radio station that has been at the forefront of crafting a new format to engage younger audiences. Recently, CPM has declared a renewed commitment to journalism that serves and represents the diverse communities of the Chicago region. WBEZ is launching a news desk dedicated to race, class and communities. Vocalo, which attracts a growing base of young listeners of color,  is increasingly using its broadcast and online platform to bring attention to social and policy topics from the perspective of affected people and communities. This grant supports increased crossover activities between WBEZ and Vocalo and with additional community-based news organizations.


2016 • 5 years • Chicago Commitment

Chicago Public Media, established by the Chicago Board of Education in 1943, is a community-supported, public service broadcasting institution. Its primary function is to operate the public radio station WBEZ. WBEZ produces its own original content, such as the popular show Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!, a weekly news quiz, and Curious City, which investigates listeners' questions about the city of Chicago. It also serves as the NPR provider in Chicago. In addition to radio programs, Chicago Public Media uses a broad range of media platforms to serve and connect audiences, including websites, social media, podcasts, and mobile applications for on-demand streaming. Via radio, Chicago Public Media reaches 600,000 people each day within a 100-mile radius of downtown Chicago, including northern Illinois, northwest Indiana, southeast Wisconsin and southwest Michigan. It reaches additional audiences online (45,000 per month) and through its mobile apps (1,100 per month). This award recommends renewed general operating support to Chicago Public Media.


2012 • 1 year • Journalism & Media

This grant will support the purchase of the license of WRTE Radio Arte (90.5 FM) by Chicago Public Media. Radio Arte was established in 1997 to provide non-commercial news and music for the growing Latino population of Chicago. It was developed and has been operated since that time by the National Museum of Mexican Art. Radio Arte will be incorporated into Chicago Public Media and renamed Vocalo 90.5 FM. Chicago Public Media will preserve the community and youth-focused programming that has become Radio Arte's signature, and ensure that the station remains a non-commercial, participatory media resource for Chicago's Latino community.


2011 • 5 years • Chicago Commitment

In support of general operations (over five years).


2008 • 3 years

To support Vocalo, a new radio station and web project (over three years).


2006 • 5 years • Chicago Commitment

In support of general operations (over five years).


2003 • 3 years • Chicago Commitment

In support of general operations (over three years).


2002 • 2 years

To support capital expenditures, including facility and technology improvements (over two years).


1996 • 2 years • Chicago Commitment

For "This American Life," a national radio program (over two years).


1996 • 4 years • Chicago Commitment

In support of general operations (over four years).

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