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Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre

Abuja, Nigeria

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre was awarded $1,090,000 between 2013 and 2017, including 3 grants in Population & Reproductive Health and On Nigeria.


2017 • 3 years • On Nigeria

Civil Society Legislative and Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) is a Nigerian nonprofit promoting active civil society monitoring and advocating for legislative accountability. This award enables CISLAC to promote legislative accountability and advocate for reforms to improve public sector accountability rules in Nigeria. CISLAC is analyzing investigative corruption reports to raise awareness among legislators on accountability gaps in the public sector and to advocate for reforms. It is holding convenings to foster collaboration among citizens, legislators, and the media on anti-corruption efforts. The project contributes to laying a foundation for new atmosphere of accountability, transparency, and good governance in Nigeria.


2016 • 3 years • Population & Reproductive Health

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) is a Nigerian nonprofit promoting transparency and accountability, respect for human rights, and good governance through research, legislative advocacy, and networking. Previous support to CISLAC aimed to reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria by improving accountability in the use of health allocations and oversight by the legislature. As a result, there was increased collaboration in civil society and demand for accountability in the health sector. This renewal assists CISLAC to continue to engage with the state legislatures for more effective budget oversight, community mobilization, and policy advocacy to keep maternal health issues a priority for policymakers in the state. This final award is part of the maternal health accountability portfolio in Nigeria and is expected to provide evidence of how accountability mechanisms can contribute to improving maternal health outcomes and reducing the maternal mortality burden.


2013 • 3 years, 2 months • Population & Reproductive Health

This project aims to increase government accountability and contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity in four states through (a) strengthening legislative oversight (e.g., public hearings, and promoting dialogue between the executive and the legislative branches) and (b) increasing civil society and media action (e.g., training of legislative reporters and CSO monitoring of health services).

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