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Arlington, Virginia

RARE was awarded $3,425,000 between 1988 and 2014, including 8 grants in Conservation & Sustainable Development.


2014 • 2 years, 2 months

Rare’s mission is to inspire change so that people and nature can thrive. Rare will design and launch a national ‘Solution Search’ contest to advance climate change dialogue in the U.S. by showcasing innovative ways to reduce risks from climate change-related disasters. This contest will focus on promoting American ingenuity and disaster risk reduction, while working to reduce partisan climate controversy. The competition will serve as a model for future U.S. competitions and could contribute towards a broader discussion about long-term mitigation solutions.


2014 • 3 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

Rare is a conservation organization focused on changing the behavior of local communities to mitigate or eliminate pressures on forest and water resources. It works at the nexus of economic development and biodiversity conservation, training local leaders in a social marketing methodology, called the "Pride Campaigns." The purpose of this grant is to implement this model for behavior change and mobilize community adoption of Reciprocal Water Agreements between upstream land owners and downstream users at five sites in the Upper Cauca watershed of Colombia.


2013 • 2 years, 3 months • Conservation & Sustainable Development

Rare trains local conservation leaders to launch campaigns that change the way communities relate to nature. In close partnership with Environmental Defense Fund and the University of California Santa Barbara, Rare is advancing a new strategy, "Fish Forever", to develop improved methods for scaling local fisheries management in the coastal tropics. The strategy will build upon the Locally Managed Marine Areas replication model while attempting to improve upon it by ensuring that management plans are scientifically rigorous and integrated in to national governance of coastal areas. Initially the partnership will focus on advancing this work in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Belize, while exploring expansion to two additional countries.


2004 • 4 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

In support of ecotourism enterprises development in Grenada, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba (over three years).


1994 • 1 year

To support conservation education in the Caribbean (over three years).


1993 • 1 year

To support Cuban participation in developing the Caribbean region's capacity to conduct research and training in conservation biology (over three years).


1991 • 1 year

To expand the conservation education program in the Caribbean (over three years).


1988 • 1 year

To support an environmental education program in St. Vincent and Dominica.

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