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Bank Information Center

Washington, D.C.

Bank Information Center was awarded $930,000 between 1992 and 2012, including 8 grants in Conservation & Sustainable Development.


2012 • 3 years • Conservation & Sustainable Development

The Bank Information Center coordinates campaigns with civil society around the world to reform investment policies and practices of the World Bank, regional development banks, and other international financial institutions. This grant helps protect ecosystem services in Bolivian and Peruvian watersheds by advocating robust environmental management frameworks and stronger resource rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. BIC will monitor a World Bank-funded road construction project in Bolivia; review gaps in Peru’s current Environmental Impact Assessment process; and strengthen the World Bank’s international standards on social and environmental assessment for investment lending globally.


1998 • 2 years, 11 months

To enhance the social and environmental performance and accountability of the multilateral development banks (over three years).


1997 • 1 year

To support strategic planning.


1996 • 1 year

To support a meeting of Red Bancos, a Latin American multilateral development-bank monitoring network in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1995 • 1 year

To support broader developing-country participation in an NGO consultation on Global Environmental Facilty grantmaking programs.


1995 • 1 year

To support a monitoring program related to the World Bank and the regional development banks (over three years).


1994 • 1 year

To support meetings of developing-country NGOs working on multilateral development bank reform focused on the regional Asia Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the African Development Bank.


1992 • 1 year

To distribute information on environmental assessments of specific projects by multilateral development banks to international network conservation organizations (over three years).

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