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  • $200,000Active Strategy

    2014 (Inactive Grant)

    Community & Economic Development

    NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — The Yale Institute of Network Science seeks to build understanding about social networks and to develop their applications to societal problems. Sociologists at the Institute have advanced the network science of crime by analyzing social connections among gangs, shooters, and victims; and the resulting schema helps analysts understand which individuals are most likely to commit, or become a victim of, gun violence. This grant supports research on the interaction between networks and violence by mapping the same relationships in multiple cities beyond Chicago, and should help answer fundamental questions about the geographic distribution and social structure of violence in cities.

  • $49,000Active Strategy

    2008 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — In support of an international justice conference on the global political will necessary for international criminal justice to succeed.

  • $150,000Active Strategy

    2007 (Inactive Grant)

    Population & Reproductive Health

    NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — In support of research investigating the contributions of declines in fertility to household economic outcomes in Matlab, Bangladesh (over three years).

  • $71,000Active Strategy

    2005 (Inactive Grant)

    Population & Reproductive Health

    NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — In support of evaluating the long-term consequences of family planning and reproductive health programs on the wellbeing of women and their children in Matlab, Bangladesh (over 18 months).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Yale University $470,000 between 2002 and 2015.

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