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Runa Foundation

Brooklyn, New York


2017 (3 years)

Runa Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to create value for intact tropical forests that fosters long-term conservation action. Runa partners with indigenous and rural communities in Peru and Ecuador to build sustainable value chains for native Amazonian products. The partnerships are designed to ensure that these conservation-based economic activities benefit the communities and their forests. Together, they identify and incubate sustainable Amazonian products and develop equitable purchase agreements with responsible buyers locally and globally. Examples of these products include guayusa tea, wild cinnamon, and Amazonian peanut. MacArthur’s unrestricted support allows Runa to consolidate existing work, co-administer community "social premium" funds, and incubate new products for market.

2014 (3 years)

Runa Foundation is a US-based public charity with a mission to search for new ways to create value in tropical forests that benefits local communities and forest ecosystems. The purpose of the project is to improve integrative forest management and organizational capacity in three Kichwa pilot communities of the Upper Napo watershed such that they benefit from and contribute to conservation and sustainable management of 33,300 hectares of mixed-use forest.