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Nia Tero

Seattle, Washington


2023 (3 years)

Nia Tero is a global collaborative designed to assist Indigenous Peoples in protecting their ways of life and territories by working in solidarity with them to uphold and expand their self-determined guardianship of collective territory. In addition to other forms of Nia Tero support for areas such as capacity-building, original storytelling, and policy development, the organization is launching a program to provide flexible, long-term financing and technical support to enterprises led by its Indigenous partners, or their trusted intermediaries, to support their self-determined aspirations. Investments will occur in Pasifika and Amazonia, both of which are priority regions for Nia Tero, where it has established trust-based partnerships and deep, local program team knowledge. The Foundation’s award supports the building of Nia Tero’s investment capacity for this program, the design and build-out of an impact investment measurement framework, technical assistance grants to investees, direct investments to selected enterprises, the dissemination of learnings, and general and administrative costs associated with the work. The beneficiaries of this project are the Indigenous Peoples in Nia Tero’s priority regions whose local communities ultimately are served by these enterprises.

2017 (9 years)

Nia Tero is a global collaborative designed to directly advance indigenous peoples' and local communities' stewardship of vital ecosystems around the world. The newly founded organization partners with indigenous peoples and local communities to recognize and advance exceptional and enduring stewardship of vital ecosystems. Through a set of long-term partnerships with indigenous peoples, Nia Tero integrates targeted grant funding, long-term sustainable financing, and investment in technical assistance, science, policy, and institutional-capacity building programs. This award contributes to the founding of the organization, and supports its general operations over ten years.