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Guttmacher Institute

New York, New York

Guttmacher Institute was awarded $3,916,584 between 1986 and 2015, including 13 grants in Population & Reproductive Health.


2015 • 2 years • Population & Reproductive Health

The Guttmacher Institute is a New York-based NGO that conducts research and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health issues in the US and internationally. With this award, Guttmacher staff is producing estimates on the returns on investment for maternal health services for the 2016 edition of the publication, Adding It Up. Staff is also participating in a variety of international efforts to prioritize sexual and reproductive health and rights within the post-20 15 development agenda, including by working in collaboration with other civil society and UN actors to identify and forge a consensus around a set of indicators to monitor progress and promote accountability. The activities provide data to make the case for investment in maternal and reproductive


2013 • 5 years 4 months • Population & Reproductive Health

This grant to the Guttmacher Institute will provide partial support for research on the national incidence of induced abortion and unintended pregnancy in India. The research is intended to fill a major gap in the evidence base on maternal and reproductive health in India, and is supported by a group of donors. MacArthur funds will be used for publications and activities aimed at the broad dissemination of the study results to key stakeholders at the state and national level.


2012 • 3 years • Population & Reproductive Health

The Guttmacher Institute will carry out a study of incidence of unsafe abortion and related complications leading to maternal death in Nigeria. Guttmacher researchers will generate estimates of the number of unsafe abortions taking place each year in Nigeria as a whole and in the six geo-political zones. These data will be used to inform discussions about family planning and post-abortion care in the country.


2010 • 1 year 9 months • Population & Reproductive Health

To analyze recent trends in abortion incidence around the world (over 18 months).


2006 • 2 years 6 months • Population & Reproductive Health

In support of an analysis of recent trends in maternal morbidity and mortality and in the reproductive health of young people in India, Mexico and Nigeria (over two years).


2003 • 2 years 6 months • Population & Reproductive Health

In support of an outreach and advocacy initiative, using new evidence on unsafe abortion, to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in Nigeria (over 18 months).


2000 • 4 years • Population & Reproductive Health

To support a project on the factors related to sexual and reproductive health among Nigerian adolescents (over three years).


1999 • 1 year • Population & Reproductive Health

To support research on the surveillance and estimation methods used in sub-Saharan Africa to estimate the prevalence and spread of HIV/AIDS.


1995 • 3 years • Population & Reproductive Health

To document and publicize the extent of abortion in Nigeria, the conditions under which Nigerian women end unwanted pregnancies, and the consequences (over three years).


1991 • 1 year

To support research to make statistically sound estimates of the incidence of abortion in selected countries in Latin America, for a multitiered public education campaign on this issue throughout the region and in the United States.


1991 • 1 year

To support research on the flow of information in the fields of population, reproductive health, abortion, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases, focusing on Latin America and Africa.


1989 • 1 year 1 month

To publish a summary of studies about adolescent fertility in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.


1986 • 1 year • Population & Reproductive Health

To publish and disseminate a factbook on adolescent childbearing in Latin America.
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