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El Colegio de Mexico, A.C.

Mexico City, Mexico


2020 (2 years 8 months)

El Colegio de México (COLMEX) is a leading Mexican research center for the humanities and social sciences. With this award, COLMEX is participating in the creation of the Repository for Documentation on Disappearances in Mexico. The Repository will hold information gathered by a range of actors including victims and their families, human-rights lawyers and activists, and journalists, and will include formal and informal print, visual, audio, and digital evidence that can be used in the future to facilitate access to truth and justice. The repository aims to provide Mexico with tools for preserving this documentation for future use.

2004 (8 years 4 months)

In support of research on the structures of Catholic lay organizations and their activities related to reproductive health and rights (over two years).

2003 (1 year)

In support of a conference on the United Nations human rights report "The Responsibility to Protect".

2002 (1 year 5 months)

To support the project Designing an Alternative Development Strategy for Mexico.

2001 (1 year)

To support research on the relationship between secularism and reproductive and sexual rights.

2000 (3 years)

To support the project Globalization and Public Goods from Below: Migrant Organizations, Productive Remittances, and Economic Development between Mexico and California (over three years).

1998 (2 years 11 months)

To support a research project on Mexico's economic development strategy in the context of globalization (over three years).

1996 (3 years)

To study the relationship between women's social and economic power and changes in the fertility rate (over three years).

1992 (1 year)

To support the second stage of an action-research project on health and environment in four popular settlements in the Mexico City metropolitan area (over two years).

1988 (1 year 1 month)

To support fellowships in international relations and a training program for Mexican government officals in U.S. policymaking toward Mexico (over four years).