Paul R. Ehrlich

Population Biologist Class of 1990
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Stanford, California
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58 at time of award

About Paul's Work

Paul Ehrlich is an evolutionary and population biologist who has been a pioneer in alerting the public to the problems of overpopulation.

Ehrlich’s research on the natural populations of checkerspot butterflies (Euphydryas)is one of the most thorough analyses extant of the structure, dynamics, genetics, and behavior of an invertebrate population, and it constitutes a major achievement of field population biology.  While a leader in biological research, Ehrlich also combines scientific research on population biology with public policy research to promote greater understanding of environmental problems.  He is the author of numerous works including The Population Bomb (1968), New World/New Mind: Moving Toward Conscious Evolution (1989), and Human Natures: Genes, Culture, and the Human Prospect (2000).  He is co-author of The Stork and the Plow: The Equity Answer to the Human Dilemma (1995), Betrayal of Science and Reason (1996), Wild Solutions: How Biodiversity is Money in the Bank (2001) and One With Nineveh: Politics, Consumption and the Human Future (2004), among many others.


Ehrlich is the Bing Professor of Population Studies and a professor of biological sciences at Stanford University.

Ehrlich received an A.B. (1953) from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.A (1955) and a Ph.D. (1957) from the University of Kansas.

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Published on August 1, 1990

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