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Grantmaking in India primarily supports mitigation interventions that seek sustainable solutions to challenges the country faces from climate change.
Map of India with pins of where the MacArthur Foundation has given grants.
We have been active in India since 1990 and opened an office in New Delhi in 1994, led by a Staff of Indians who know and love their country

Our Grantmaking in India

Since 2016, our key focus in India has been part of our Climate Solutions grantmaking. We support mitigation interventions that seek sustainable solutions to challenges India faces from climate change. Activities are focused on capacity-building among organizations that may not focus exclusively or primarily on climate, as well as organizations representing workers’ and smallholder farmers’ interests. Typically, these institutions work in close partnership with diverse sets of stakeholders–including established public institutions and other civil society actors. There is also limited grantmaking focused on internet governance as part of our interest in advancing technology in the public interest.

Prior to the Climate Solutions work, we partnered directly with a diverse set of individuals and institutions that continue to play a remarkable role in the field of maternal and reproductive health and in promoting the participation of girls in accessing quality secondary education in the country. In 2020, we concluded a legacy phase for our Population and Reproductive Health program.


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Current Programs

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions

Ensuring that the Earth stays well below a two-degree Celsius temperature increase to avoid catastrophic global effects.

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Technology in the Public Interest

Technology in the Public Interest

Advancing justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion across our work and increasing civil society’s capacity to analyze and translate technology developments for policymakers and the public.

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Headquartered in Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation works in about 50 countries around the world and maintains offices in India and Nigeria.

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