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"Where is Fred Cuny?"

The Washington Post
Frederick C. Cuny , 1995 MacArthur Fellow

"A Critic Turns 90; Meyer Schapiro"

The New York Times
Meyer Schapiro , 1987 MacArthur Fellow

"Fritz John, a Master Mathematician, Dies at 83"

The New York Times
Fritz John , 1984 MacArthur Fellow

"Literary Legalities : A Frolic Of His Own"

Los Angeles Times
William Gaddis , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"Julia Bowman Robinson, 1919–1985"

National Academy of Sciences
Julia Robinson , 1983 MacArthur Fellow

"Barbara McClintock"

BBC Radio 4
Barbara McClintock , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"Exotic Pulsar Blazes Trail to Glory"

New Scientist
Joseph H. Taylor Jr. , 1981 MacArthur Fellow

"The Summoning"

Foreign Affairs
Fouad Ajami , 1982 MacArthur Fellow

"Casualties of Oxford"

The New Yorker
Ved Mehta , 1982 MacArthur Fellow
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