100&Change Webinar 4 - Strategies for Disability Inclusion: Utilizing a Human Rights Framework

February 27, 2019 Videos 100&Change 100&Change Applicants

There are more than one billion disabled people globally. Learn how to ensure that people with all types of disabilities are proactively recruited and included in your program design, from implementation to evaluation. This webinar helps identity the strategies needed to include disabled people in your work, from engaging program beneficiaries to hiring staff, consultants, advisors and more.


Susan Sygall, MacArthur Fellow, Mobility International USA 
Daisy Feidt, Access Living 
Marca Bristo, Access Living 



Kristen Molyneaux, Senior Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation ()


Materials and/or Resources

Guiding Principles for Excellence in Development & Disability Inclusion
Checklist for Inclusion
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines



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