100&Change Webinar 1: "Big Bets" for Social Change

February 27, 2019 Videos 100&Change

Pioneering change makers have shown increasing ambition and ability to move the needle on today’s critical social challenges. At the same time, a growing number of philanthropists want to support these efforts with large gifts. Such “big bets” have the potential for enormous impact, yet happen less frequently than either nonprofit leaders or donors desire. There is an “aspiration gap.” For nonprofit leaders, the ability to develop their strategies along five key dimensions can enhance the odds that what they are pursuing has a greater chance of success and of attracting a “big bet.” Building on extensive client work and research, this webinar discusses the facts around “big bets,” what makes an initiative more “big bettable,” and why some of our common behaviors and strategic choices can undermine our work.

William Foster, Partner-Head of Consulting, The Bridgespan Group

Kristen Molyneaux, Senior Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation


Think Big & Communicate Clearly: Bold Ideas for Philanthropy 

This webinar series is intended to help 100&Change applicants think big and communicate clearly about the depth, breadth, and impact of their work. 

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