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Aspen Institute Congressional Seminars Receives $1.5 Million

The MacArthur grant will support the cost of seminars for members of Congress on issues related to international affairs.

Intellectual Property Rights and the Protection of the Public Domain

MacArthur has announced three grants totaling $760,000 made through its special funding initiative on intellectual property and the long-term protection of the public domain.

MacArthur Supports New Science and Security Fellowship Program at U.S. Department of State

MacArthur and Carnegie Corporation of New York have announced grants totaling more than $1.1 million to help launch a senior fellowship program that will enable 15 leading scientists to work alongside senior diplomats and policymakers.

MacArthur Awards Grant Of $4.8 Million For Research On Socioeconomic Status And Health

MacArthur's award to the University of California at San Francisco will be used over the course of four years to identify pathways by which socioeconomic factors "get under the skin" to influence health.

Research Network on Mandated Community Treatment

The Network on Mandated Community Treatment seeks to create a scientifically sound evidence base for developing effective policy and practice on whether, and how, to require certain people with mental disorders to adhere to treatment in ...

Research Network on Youth Mental Health Care

The Research Network on Youth Mental Health Care seeks to identify scientifically validated mental health treatments for children and adolescents, make them practical for use in clinical settings, and develop strategies to encourage and facilitate their ...