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"The Undocumented" Documentary Film

"The Undocumented", directed by Marco Williams, is a close look at the impacts of U.S.-Mexico border policy, through the stories of unauthorized immigrants who lose their lives crossing the deadly Arizona desert. Read More
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Impact of Transnational Crime on Migration

The growth of organized crime in Mexico and Central America has led to an increase in violence and insecurity, posing challenges to citizens, public security forces, and travelers. Read More

"Mexico: Risking Life for Truth"

From The New York Review of Books
Alma Guillermoprieto, MacArthur Fellow, 1995
Read More
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Regulatory Challenges of Immigrant Worker Visas in America

Produced by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, the report details violations in employment contracts and extraneous financial burdens on individuals with certain visas. Read More
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Mexico's Supreme Court Rejects Military Trials

Mexico's National Supreme Court has ruled Article 57 of the Mexican Military Code of Justice, which the military had interpreted to give itself jurisdiction over cases of military human rights violations, to be unconstitutional. Read More
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The Legal Side of Mexican Immigration

Legal Mexican immigrants comprise the largest national-origin group in the United States eligible to become citizens. Read More
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Assessing Progress and Needed Reforms in Central America, Mexico

Two reports issued by the Regional Migration Study Group explore economic and social issues that may impact migration in Mexico and Central America. Read More

Mexican Court Loosens Requirements for Proof of Duration of Residency

Mexico’s Federal Court for Fiscal and Administrative Justice validated the proof of duration of residency and the right to qualify for naturalization of a national from Guatemala who has resided in Mexico for 19 years. Read More

Mexico’s Defense Ministry Ordered to Share Detention Information

In its unanimous decision, Mexico's Federal Institute for Access to Information ordered that data be classified by nationality, sex, and age of the detainees, as well as the specific date on which such detentions occurred. Read More

Indigenous Leader in Mexico Freed

Tlachinollan, winner of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, helped secure the release of Maximino García Catarino, an indigenous leader unjustly incarcerated for over six weeks in Guerrero state. Read More
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Understanding Migration

MacArthur's Mexico office, in partnership with the Ford Foundation's Mexico office, is supporting an exposition on migration at Mexico City's Museum of Memory and Tolerance.  "El mes del migrante" is a series of ... Read More
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Grantmaking in Mexico

MacArthur has three grantmaking programs in Mexico: population and reproductive health, human rights and justice, and migration. Read More
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Human Rights Grantmaking in Mexico

MacArthur’s human rights grantmaking in Mexico supports the development of effective human rights protections, with a focus on improving justice sector reforms, legal protections through litigation, and freedom of expression. Read More


Portrait of Sharon Bissell Sotelo

Sharon Bissell Sotelo

Director, Mexico
Portrait of Mary R. Page

Mary R. Page

Director, Human Rights
Portrait of John W. Slocum

John W. Slocum

Director, Migration
Portrait of Liliane Loya

Liliane Loya

Program Officer, Mexico

Alvaro Camacho

General Services, Mexico

Liliana Monroy Flores

Program Administrator, Mexico