For more than three decades, grantmaking in Mexico supported civil society organizations focused on human rights, reproductive healthcare, and migration issues.

The Foundation began making grants in Mexico in 1986 and opened an office in Mexico in 1992.

Our Grantmaking in Mexico

From 1984-2020, MacArthur awarded more than 1,200 grants totaling over $230 million to organizations and individuals in Mexico. The Foundation opened our first office in Cuernavaca in 1992 and moved to Mexico City in 1996. Grantmaking focused on advancing reproductive and sexual health and rights, strengthening human rights, and addressing regional migration issues. We built longstanding relationships with thousands of individuals whose commitment to social justice is helping to build a vibrant society that values freedom of expression, human rights, democracy, diversity, and equity.

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Strengthening Midwifery in Mexico ›

Sharon Bissell, Director, Mexico
MacArthur has supported work to improve reproductive care with midwifery in Mexico, supporting professional programs, public campaigns for legitimacy, and integration into the healthcare system.



Advancing Human Rights in Mexico: Progress and Promise ›
Sharon Bissell, Director, Mexico 
MacArthur has supported civil society groups in Mexico working to advance investigations into human rights violations and advocate for accountability.




Public Policy Think Tanks in a Post COVID-19 World ›

Edna Jaime Treviño, founder and CEO of grantee México Evalúa, discusses how think tanks can help make more effective public policy.



Karla Berdichevsky

Government Partnering with Civil Society to Improve Reproductive Health in Mexico ›

Karla Berdichevsky of Mexico’s Ministry of Health discusses how public and civil society partnerships are essential to achieving sexual and reproductive health goals.



Mónica Tapia A.

The Local-Global Connections Necessary to Change Lives ›

Mónica Tapia of Ruta Cívica discusses the importance of “vertical connections” that transform public policies by convening and organizing groups that work at different scales.



Abel Barberra

The Rainbow of La Montaña ›

Abel Barrera of Tlachinollan Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña writes about what rainbows mean to Indigenous communities in the region of Guerrero state known as La Montaña.



Tania Reneaum Panszi

#AsíRespondimos: An Urgent Initiative for Supporting Civil Society Organizations ›

Tania Reneaum Panszi, Executive Director of Amnesty International Mexico, writes about the critical work of civil society organizations in Mexico and the challenges created by COVID-19.



Authors: Graciela Freyermuth, David Meléndez, Hilda Argüello

Women’s Health and Human Rights in Twenty-first Century Mexico ›

Graciela Freyermuth, David Melendez, and Hilda Argüello of Asesoría, Capacitación y Asistencia en Salud, A.C. (ACASAC) write about how women’s movements and organized civil society in Mexico have advanced a policy agenda for the health sector.


Authors: Atzimba Baltazar Macías and Manuela Garza Ascencio

Why Invest in Strategic Reflection? ›

Atzimba Baltazar Macías and Manuela Garza Ascencio of Colectivo META write about their strategic planning work with civil society organizations in Mexico, including MacArthur grantees.



Sylvia Aguilera García

Acento, Local Action: Honoring the MacArthur Foundation’s Legacy in Mexico ›

Atzimba Baltazar Macías and Manuela Garza Ascencio of Colectivo META write about their strategic planning work with civil society organizations in Mexico, including MacArthur grantees.


John Palfrey

Lasting Impact in Mexico ›

MacArthur President John Palfrey discusses the impact and legacy of our work in Mexico and expresses gratitude to our Mexico City-based colleagues, grantees, and partners as we close our office in Mexico.


Mexico: Progress and Prospects 

Mexico has made significant strides in strengthening human rights, reproductive rights and women’s health over the last three decades, and the Foundation has been proud to partner with the many people and organizations behind that important work. Over the next year, we will chronicle those accomplishments through a series of stories highlighting both progress and prospects for the future.


Protest to Proposal: How Civil Society Shapes Modern Mexico ›
Sharon Bissell, Director of the Mexico Office, considers the legacy of MacArthur’s work in Mexico and introduces a series of stories about progress on human rights in Mexico.


Bringing Midwives Back to Mexico ›

Professional midwifery is a growing field in Mexico, helping to improve women’s access to humane reproductive healthcare.


Litigating Human Rights ›
Human rights lawyers in Mexico hold military officials accountable through international litigation, constitutional court reforms, and implementing new legal argument techniques.


Using Context to Break Systemic Human Rights Violations ›
Attorneys in Mexico use contextual analysis to resolve human rights violations and bring justice to victims and families.


Preserving Evidence of Disappearances ›
Repository of Documentation on Disappearances in Mexico will collect evidence from disappearances to support families of the disappeared and investigations into human rights abuses.


Civil Society Organizations in Mexico Support Victims and Survivors of Human Rights Abuses ›
MacArthur-supported videos illustrate how civil society organizations working on human rights issues in Mexico have pursued a variety of strategies to fight impunity.

Maternal Health Practitioners Examining a Pregnant Woman

Challenges of COVID-19 Present Hope for More Effective Reproductive Health ›
COVID-19 presents an opportunity for continued progress in reproductive health by highlighting Mexico’s growing midwifery movement and the potential of telemedicine in abortion care.



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