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The MacArthur Foundation in Nigeria: Report on Activities

In this report: President’s Essay Strengthening Nigerian Universities Building Research Capacity: Spotlight on Four Nigerian Universities Improving Sexual & Reproductive Health Helping Adolescents Make Informed Decisions: Action Health Incorporated Advancing Human Rights Building Police Accountability, Strengthening ... Read More

Fair Pay Act Signed Into Law

President Obama signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which makes it easier for people subjected to pay discrimination to challenge the practice in court. The law reverses a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ... Read More

The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice: The Case of Darfur

Yale Law School hosts a conference to identify strategies for curbing the ongoing violence in Darfur and to consider the role the International Criminal Court should play in those strategies. It is the third in a ... Read More

“The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice: the Case of Darfur,” Remarks by Jonathan Fanton at the MacArthur International Justice Symposium

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton reviews the Foundation's history of human rights grantmaking, focusing on the International Criminal Court, and argues that Darfur represents a test case for international rights. Read More
Marsha Levick of the Juvenile Law Center thumbnail

Marsha Levick of the Juvenile Law Center

Juvenile Law Center, which seeks to build a more fair and just juvenile justice system, was one of eight recipients of the MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions in 2008.


Executive Summary: Review of Models for Change in Pennsylvania

The overall purpose of this review is to provide an independent look at the current work supported through the Foundation’s Models for Change Initiative in Pennsylvania. In this summary of the report I will summarize ... Read More

Remarks by MacArthur’s President at Northwestern University’s Atrocity Crimes Litigation Conference

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton on how the international justice system is growing ever more effective at prosecuting and preventing human rights violations. Read More
Paul Joseph Frick on Juvenile Justice Reform thumbnail

Paul Joseph Frick on Juvenile Justice Reform

Paul Joseph Frick from the University of New Orleans talks about the role of data collection and analysis in reform efforts. Frick was one of four inaugural recipients of the Champions for Change award, presented by ...

Patricia Puritz Discusses Juvenile Justice Reform thumbnail

Patricia Puritz Discusses Juvenile Justice Reform

Patricia Puritz of the National Juvenile Defender Center speaks about juvenile indigent defense and a new network to address shortcomings. The Center coordinates the Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network, part of the MacArthur Foundation's Models ...